The Mission

Creepy Little Book is a channel focused on Ancient Mysteries, Clandestine plots, ominous prophecies, Extraterrestrial and supernatural encounters and some of the most interesting, anomalous, and fringe topics in the world.

My approach is very different than you might expect. My personal life, politics, opinions, beliefs and theories are irrelevant and omitted. I have no interest in defending or debunking any of the subject presented here and I don’t resort to the mundane and time-worn formula of relying on recycled images, and dramatic eerie music.

My commitment is to deliver consistent, quality, original non-bias content about the most fascinating topics in the world, and to do so in a succinct articulate manner free from prejudgments or sensationalism. Because I firmly believe that these types of topics and issues can stand on their own when treated with impartiality. I hope you feel the same way

Who is this guy?


 Host / Producer

Who I am isn't important. It's not about me, it's about the information.

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